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$ cnpm install npminstall-1 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


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Let npm install fast and easy.

Use as Cli


$ npm install npminstall --g




  npminstall <pkg>
  npminstall <pkg>@<tag>
  npminstall <pkg>@<version>
  npminstall <pkg>@<version range>
  npminstall <folder>
  npminstall <tarball file>
  npminstall <tarball url>
  npminstall <git:// url>
  npminstall <github username>/<github project>

Can specify one or more: npm install ./foo.tgz bar@stable /some/folder
If no argument is supplied, installs dependencies from ./package.json.


  --production: won't install devDependencies
  --save, --save-dev, --save-optional: save installed dependencies into package.json
  -g, --global: install devDependencies to global directory which specified in '$ npm config get prefix'
  -r, --registry: specify custom registry
  -c, --china: specify in china, will automatically using chinses npm registry and other binary's mirrors
  --ignore-scripts: ignore all preinstall / install and postinstall scripts during the installation
  --forbidden-licenses: forbit install packages which used these licenses



  npmuninstall <pkg>
  npmuninstall <pkg>@<version>
  npmuninstall <pkg>@<version> [<pkg>@<version>]

Use as Lib


$ npm install npminstall --save


const co = require('co');
const npminstall = require('npminstall');

co(function*() {
  yield npminstall({
    // install root dir
    root: process.cwd(),
    // optional packages need to install, default is package.json's dependencies and devDependencies
    // pkgs: [
    //   { name: 'foo', version: '~1.0.0' },
    // ],
    // install to specific directory, default to root
    // targetDir: '/home/admin/.global/lib',
    // link bin to specific directory (for global install)
    // binDir: '/home/admin/.global/bin',
    // registry, default is
    // registry: '',
    // debug: false,
    // storeDir: root + '.npminstall',
    // ignoreScripts: true, // ignore pre/post install scripts, default is `false`
    // forbiddenLicenses: forbit install packages which used these licenses
}).catch(function(err) {

Support Features

  • [x] all types of npm package
    • [x] a) a folder containing a program described by a package.json file (npm install file:eslint-rule)
    • [x] b) a gzipped tarball containing (a) (npm install ./rule.tgz)
    • [x] c) a url that resolves to (b) (npm install
    • [x] d) a <name>@<version> that is published on the registry with (c)
    • [x] e) a <name>@<tag> (see npm-dist-tag) that points to (d)
    • [x] f) a <name> that has a "latest" tag satisfying (e)
    • [x] g) a <git remote url> that resolves to (a) (npm install git://
  • [x] All platform support
  • [x] global install (-g, --global)
  • [x] preinstall, install, postinstall scripts
  • [x] node-gyp
    • [x] node-pre-gyp
  • [x] bin (yo@1.6.0, fsevents@1.0.6)
  • [x] scoped package
  • [x] bundleDependencies / bundledDependencies (node-pre-gyp@0.6.19, fsevents@1.0.6)
  • [x] optionalDependencies (pm2@1.0.0)
  • [x] peerDependencies (co-defer@1.0.0, co-mocha@1.1.2, estraverse-fb@1.3.1)
  • [x] deprecate message
  • [x] --production mode
  • [x] save, save-dev, save-optional
  • [x] support ignore-scripts
  • [x] uninstall

Different with NPM

This project is inspired by pnpm, and has a similar store structure like pnpm. You can read pnpm vs npm to see the different with npm.


  • You can't install from shrinkwrap(and don't want to support for now).
  • Peer dependencies are a little trickier to deal with(see rule 1 below).
  • You can't publish npm modules with bundleDependencies managed by npminstall(because of rule 2 below).
  • npminstall will collect all postinstall scripts, and execute them until all dependencies installed.
  • If last install failed, better to cleanup node_modules directory before retry.

node_modules directory

Two rules:

  1. The latest version of modules will link at options.storeDir's node_modules.
  2. Module's dependencies will link at module's node_modules.


  • app: { "dependencies": { "debug": "2.2.0" } } (root)
  • debug@2.2.0: { "dependencies": { "ms": "0.7.1" } }
├── package.json
└── node_modules/
    ├── .npminstall/
    │   ├── debug/
    │   │   └── 2.2.0/
    │   │       └── debug
    │   │           ├── package.json
    │   │           └── node_modules/
    │   │               └── ms -> ../../../../ms/0.7.1/ms
    │   ├── ms/
    │   │   └── 0.7.1/
    │   │       └── ms
    │   │           └── package.json
    │   └── node_modules/
    │       └── ms -> ../ms/0.7.1/ms
    └── debug -> .npminstall/debug/2.2.0/debug

debug@2.2.0 is root package, won't create link at app/node_modules/.npminstall/node_modules/debug@.

Benchmarks install

  • npminstall@1.2.0
  • pnpm@0.18.0
  • npm@2.14.12
cli real user sys
npminstall 0m10.908s 0m8.733s 0m4.282s
npminstall with cache 0m8.815s 0m7.492s 0m3.644s
npminstall --no-cache 0m10.279s 0m8.255s 0m3.932s
pnpm 0m13.509s 0m11.650s 0m4.443s
npm 0m28.171s 0m26.085s 0m8.219s
npm with cache 0m20.939s 0m19.415s 0m6.302s

pnpm benchmark


npminstall babel-preset-es2015 browserify chalk debug minimist mkdirp
    real	0m8.929s       user	0m5.606s       sys	0m2.913s
pnpm i babel-preset-es2015 browserify chalk debug minimist mkdirp
    real	0m12.998s      user	0m8.653s       sys	0m3.362s
npm i babel-preset-es2015 browserify chalk debug minimist mkdirp
    real	1m4.729s       user	0m55.589s      sys	0m23.135s



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