A node for Node-RED that extract prominent colors from an image.
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$ cnpm install node-red-contrib-vibrant 
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Node-RED vibrant node

A node for Node-RED that extract color palette, i.e. prominent colors from an image.

Screenshot from Node-RED


Simply drag node vibrant from dashboard palette to your flow. Node expects local path or remote URL of an image from which you want to extract prominent colors. Node perform several validation and then sends payload with raw output from node-vibrant library. In output you can find several swatches (Vibrant, Muted, DarkVibrant, DarkMuted, LightVibrant and LightMuted), each one with fields r, g, b, rgb, hex, hsl, population, titleTextColor, bodyTextColor.


If you want to modify and build changes, then you must recompile from TypeScript sources with command:

$ npm run build

Pull requests are welcome!

Thanks to

Authors of used libraries, especially author of node-vibrant.


Lukas Novak


Freelance full-stack software developer based in Olomouc, Czech Republic. I focus on mobile apps with Kotlin and application servers in Node.js. As a hobby, I experiment with voice assistants and build my smart home. See my personal web page (in Czech) or blog on Medium

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