moggie wraps a lot meow to support subcommands.
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$ cnpm install moggie 
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Moggie wraps a lot Meow to support subcommands.

Features of Meow

  • Parses arguments using minimist
  • Converts flags to camelCase
  • Outputs version when --version
  • Outputs description and supplied help text when --help
  • Makes unhandled rejected promises fail loudly instead of the default silent fail
  • Sets the process title to the binary name defined in package.json

Additional feature of Moggie

  • Unshifts commands to allow the handling of subcommands


$ npm install --save moggie


$ ./rufus.js leg raise and --rainbow
#!/usr/bin/env node
'use strict';
const moggie = require('moggie');

	// you might use meow-options here:
	version: "0.0.1-alpha",
	minimistOptions: {
		'--': true
	// subcommands contain only moggie-options
	subcommands: {
		'leg': {
			subcommands: {
				'raise': {
					callback: cli => console.dir(cli)
						input: ['and'],
						flags: {rainbow: true},
				'lower': {}
			callback: cli => console.dir(cli)
	callback: cli => console.dir(cli),
	helpCallback: cli => printRufusHelp(cli)



The callback receives an Object with:

  • input (Array) - Non-flag arguments
  • flags (Object) - Flags converted to camelCase
  • pkg (Object) - The package.json object
  • help (string) - The help text used with --help
  • showHelp([code=2]) (Function) - Show the help text and exit with code


Type: Object

Must be an options-object where the base-level may contain meow-options and moggie-options. Meow is only once invoked, every subcommand may only contain moggie-options.


Type: function Parameters: cli: object

The callback-handle will be called if the further input-array is empty or the next input-element doesn't match any subcommand from the subcommands-property.

The callback is provided the cli-object containing the result of the basic meow-call, stripped by previously visited subcommands.


Type: function Parameters: cli: object

This callback-handle will be called if neither a subcommand matched nor a callback is provided.

(More uses are to come)


Type: object

This object contains moggie-objects each for every provided subcommand.


	'1st-subcommand': {
		callback: ...,
		helpCallback: ...
	'2nd-subcommand': {
		callback: ...,

Derived base-level options from Meow


Type: string boolean
Default: The package.json "description" property

Description to show above the help text.

Set it to false to disable it altogether.


Type: string boolean

The help text you want shown.

The input is reindented and starting/ending newlines are trimmed which means you can use a template literal without having to care about using the correct amount of indent.

The description will be shown above your help text automatically.

Set it to false to disable it altogether.


Type: string boolean
Default: The package.json "version" property

Set a custom version output.

Set it to false to disable it altogether.


Type: Object
Default: Closest package.json upwards

package.json as an Object.

You most likely don't need this option.


Type: Array
Default: process.argv.slice(2)

Custom arguments object.


Type: boolean
Default: false

Infer the argument type.

By default, the argument 5 in $ foo 5 becomes a string. Enabling this would infer it as a number.


Type: Object
Default: {}

Minimist options.

Keys passed to the minimist default option are decamelized, so you can for example pass in fooBar: 'baz' and have it be the default for the --foo-bar flag.


Meow will make unhandled rejected promises fail loudly instead of the default silent fail. Meaning you don't have to manually .catch() promises used in your CLI.


See meow to learn more about the underlying cli-helper.

See chalk if you want to colorize the terminal output.

See get-stdin if you want to accept input from stdin.

See conf if you need to persist some data.

See update-notifier if you want update notifications.

More useful CLI utilities.


MIT © Florian Breisch

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