Mingjie's core of all public front-end data, personal resume and blog posts.
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$ cnpm install mingjie 
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Mingjie's Database

Hi ????! My name is Mingjie, and this is the core of all my public front-end data, personal resume and blog posts.

In case of amnesia...

Here's how you make changes to the website:

  1. clone, cd, npm install
    • Ensure that all dependencies are installed before building
  2. npm start
    • Run through site building sequence, generate new site and host on local server
  3. Open localhost:3000
  4. Configure dev server settings localhost:3001

Here's how you make changes to your personal life:

  1. Give up.

Before Pushing/Merging

Ensure the code passes Netlify deploy preview and continuous integration checks. Sign all commits starting Feb. 25.


Unless you are my very close friend, you should probably contribute some of my other projects other than this one. However, if you happened to be one of my best friends... Who are you? I don't have any friends~


Send an email through my mailbox, or directly email me at protected email address with the public key.

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