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$ cnpm install metagame 
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Extensible online game backend. Moderately modern with ES6. Highly WIP.

Short version

metagame will take care of your...

  • user profiles and inventories
  • in-game shop
  • custom platform integration
  • annoying in-house PHP 'backend' from three projects ago

It uses websockets and JSON, and so should be easily usable from most languages. It also includes SSL support if you don't feel like setting up SSL termination.



Stock services


Planned features

See the issue tracker.


Linux build status

Build Status

Windows build status

Build status

Officially, the following Node versions are tested on Linux and Windows:

  • 5.x (0-4)

Unofficially, it's primarily developed on OSX, but CI doesn't cover that.

To install metagame into your project:

npm install metagame --save

To install from source, test, and run:

git clone
cd metagame
npm install
npm test
node metagame /path/to/my/config


  • mongodb
  • redis (not yet used in stock services)
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