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$ cnpm install meguca 
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anonymous realtime imageboard with user-created boards focused on high performance, free speech and transparent moderation

Platforms: Linux, Docker

License: GNU AGPL

Runtime dependencies


Meguca can be deployed in a self-contained Docker container.

First, run

git clone git://

Second, navigate to the folder that was just created with

cd meguca

Then, install Docker and Docker Compose and run

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

For more information refer to the Docker Compose docs.


If you ever want to update meguca to the newest version, stop the container with

docker-compose down

Then, pull the changes with

git pull origin

Finally, rebuild and start the container with

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

Building from source

Native installation.

For installing meguca directly onto a server follow the steps bellow. A reference list of commands can be found in ./docs/

Build dependencies

  • Go >=1.13 (for building server)
  • Node.js >=5.0 (for building client)
  • C11 compiler
  • make
  • pkg-config
  • pthread
  • ffmpeg 3.2+ libraries (libavcodec, libavutil, libavformat, libswscale) compiled with:
    • libvpx
    • libvorbis
    • libopus
    • libtheora
    • libx264
    • libmp3lame
  • OpenCV >= 2
  • libgeoip
  • git

NB: Ubuntu patches to ffmpeg on some Ubuntu versions <19.10 break image processing. In that case please compile from unmodified ffmpeg sources using:

sudo apt build-dep ffmpeg
git clone ffmpeg
cd ffmpeg
git checkout n4.1
make -j`nproc`
sudo make install

Linux and OSX

  • Run make



meguca can be started in debug mode simply with ./meguca. Configurations are split between meguca instance configurations and server instance configurations, which are required to start the server and connect to the database. The meguca instance configurations are stored in the database, but server instance configurations are optionally loaded from a config.json file on server start. A sample configuration file can be found under docs/config.json. Documentation for this file is available under docs/config.jsonc.

It is recommended to serve meguca behind a reverse proxy like NGINX or Apache with properly configured TLS settings. A sample NGINX configuration file can be found in docs/.

Initial instance configuration

  • Login into the "admin" account via the infinity symbol in the top banner with the password "password"
  • Change the default password
  • Create a board from the administration panel
  • Configure server from the administration panel


  • See ./docs for more documentation
  • make server and make client build the server and client separately
  • make watch watches the file system for changes and incrementally rebuilds the client
  • make clean removes files from the previous compilation
  • make {test,test_no_race,test_docker} run regular, without data race detection and Dockerized test suites, respectively
  • To run server unit tests (unless Dockerized) add database creation rights to your PostgreSQL role

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