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$ cnpm install markdown-to-json-transformer 
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Takes files with Markdown and (YAML) frontmatter and transforms them to JSON. Can optionally transform to HTML first.


Tested with Node v11.2.0.


npm install



Make sure the output directory exists otherwise the script fails! For the examples in this README, run the command mkdir _data first.Sample content is in thecontent` directory in this repository.

Transform one Markdown file to JSON:

npm run start --sourceDir=content --outputDir=_data --contentKey=contents --convertToHtml=true --escapeHtml=true

Transform all Markdown files in a directory recursively and aggregate JSON in one output file:

npm run start --aggregate=true --sourceDir=content --outputFile=data.json --outputDir=_data --contentKey=contents --convertToHtml=true --escapeHtml=true

Run options

  • sourceDir: String - directory with Markdown files
  • outputDir: String - output directory
  • inputFile: String - when cherry picking a single Markdown file to be transformed
  • outputFile: String - the resulting JSON file when walking an input directory with Markdown files
  • contentKey: String - the JSON key which holds the body text
  • convertToHtml: Boolean - if true, transforms Markdown to HTML
  • escapeHtml: Boolean - if true, escapes HTML


Run unit tests:

npm run test

Under the hood

Uses Remark plugins to transform Markdown and YAML in vFiles to JSON.

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