Command line tool to quickly spin up WordPress dev environments - like magic
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$ cnpm install magicpress 
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MagicPress brings a little bit of magic to your local WordPress development.


npm install magicpress -g


You should also have mysql installed on your computer.


By default, MagicPress presumes your MySQL credentials are username root and password root. You can change this by doing:

sudo mp config

And typing your username and password.

What It Does:

MagicPress adds a new command to your computer - mp. Once installed, you can do:

mp new sitename

And it will create a folder, install WordPress, create a database and link it to Valet, all within a few seconds. Access it straight away from

There are a few optional commands:

  • --empty (-e) - Empty site (No default plugins and just the 2016 theme)
  • --woocommerce (-w) - Install and activate WooCommerce & Storefront
  • --dev (-d) - Installs several useful development plugins

What's coming?

I'll add some more commands like delete soon. I'll also add some more flexibility in terms of configuration, so you can make custom recipes for sites and change the plugins/themes installed.


Feel free to fix issues you find and add more features!


This isn't a perfect replacement for local development. Using a virtual machine or something like Chassis is often a better solution for developing larger WordPress projects/sites, but I've found Valet to be a really nice solution for quickly creating/testing WordPress plugins.

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