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$ cnpm install lordofgrid 
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Material-UI - Example Webpack Project

This is an example project that uses Material-UI.


After cloning the repository, install dependencies:

cd <project folder>/material-ui/examples/webpack-example
npm install

Now you can run your local server:

npm start

Server is located at http://localhost:3000

Description of Webpack

Webpack is a module bundler that we are using to run our documentation site. This is a quick overview of how the configuration file works.

Webpack Configuration:


Webpack creates entry points for the application to know where it starts.


Webpack uses this configuration options to determine how it will deal with requiring files. For example, when the extension is omitted in a require, Webpack will look at the extensions option and try applying one of those.


This is where the bundled project will go to and any other files necessary for it to run.


These are plugins Webpack uses for more functionality. The HTML Webpack Plugin, for example, will add the index.html to your build folder.


Modules and other things that are required will usually need to be loaded and interpreted by Webpack when bundling, and this is where Webpack looks for the different loaders. *Loading .js files in es6 and es7 will require a loader like babel-loader to interpret the files into es5.

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