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$ cnpm install libra-app 
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     The easiest and fastest way to create new web projects with nextcreate-react-app and mobile projects with react-native.All of our starters kits are shipped with everything to ship rock solid apps.

  • Opinionated dependencies
  • SASS and CSS modules
  • Root resolver (import components/header/Header)
  • Server Side Rendering
  • Code splitting


We recommend you installing rigel-app globally:

yarn global add rigel-app
npm install -g rigel-app





NextJS with full server capabilities and static rendering. It uses ueno-next-starter as the base config.

rigel-app next example-www


Create-react-app with client-only rendering. It uses the create-react-app to set up the project and uses @ueno/react-scripts as the base config.

rigel-app cra example-www


Ueno's React Native Starter with everything you'll ever need to deploy rock solid apps. It uses a lib/utils/eact-native-starter-init to set up the project and uses our lovely react-native-starter.

Warning The project-name will be generated using the path you defined. e.g. example-www will be exampleWww as the name for the app.

Warning The last argument is the bundle-id and is required.

rigel-app native example-app



Many Thanks to Ueno          


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