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$ cnpm install leju-cli 
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cli for leju


Deeply individuation env for leju developers

What is leju?

Establish folders quickly
Use plugins quickly
submit your code quickly
change hosts quickly

Env needed:

node(>=5.0.0),zsh bash,nginx

npm install -g leju-cli


leju -h --help 
leju init(init project)
leju version
leju folder
leju update
leju babel (-m)
leju cdn (-l --local,-o --online,-t --test)
leju common (browserify)
leju ci (svn up and ci)
leju hosts domain (-a --add add \# for domain,-d --delete delete \# for domain)

1.1.0 version

  • add programmer method and you can find demo.js for your fast establish a leju command

1.1.3 version

  • add babels for es6 to es5

1.1.4 version

  • add cdn for switch host(nginx,zsh,mac osX10+ needed)

1.1.5 version

  • add uglify for compass javascript

1.1.6 version

  • add static server (you need combine nginx to use it)
  • add sh folder for shell

1.1.7 version

  • add auto push online

1.1.9 version

  • fix switch.sh & submit.sh bug
  • add filedeps for deps
  • update folder for using config.js to control folder style

1.2.0 version

1.2.3 version

  • add auto init
  • fix bugs

1.2.5 version

  • init is needed when first use
  • make stdout more distinct

1.2.7 version

  • add chalk info,warning,error
  • fix server bug and add chalk for server

2.0.0 version

  • Good Bye sina leju , welcome xtx1130


  • fix bug and make out a ftp sever


  • If you wanna use it or test it,please ensure your computer is mac osX 10.11+,python(<=2.7) and you should use zsh shell,
    gcc and make file is also needed,and do not forget nginx,O(∩_∩)O~



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