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Kuro Bot
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Kuro is an easy to use self bot that is shifting more and more into a framework while preserving its ease of use. It sits on top of discord.js. NodeJS version 6+ is REQUIRED Installing Node.js

> Check this video to see how it works!

Version 4.0 is out!

What's new:

  1. Rewrote pretty much everything since Kuro is shifting into a framework.
  2. Each command has it's own file now, meaning you can add commands to your bot by simply dropping a .js file into the ./commands/ folder.
  3. Removed json files for configuration and value storing. Everything is handled by knex and sqlite now.
  4. Added a new configuration setting to redirect unknown commands to a specific module. Check config.js for further instructions and sample.



  1. This is super important: This update breaks a few things, including the loss of all your stickers. As a super experimental stuff, you could try to run !s migrate and if you're lucky enough, it will migrate your stickers to the new system.
  2. Update your config.js file with the new added values. Check them out on the config.sample.js file. (Note the change from config.json to config.js)
  3. Delete node_modules/ folder
  4. npm install

Clean install:

  1. Clone the repo with git clone https://github.com/kanadeko/Kuro
  2. Run npm install
  3. Copy config.sample.js to config.js and fill the required data.
  4. To get your personal token, bring up the Developer Tools on the discord website and type localStorage.token. That should print your personal token to use with this bot.
  5. Run the bot with node kuro.js

Overview of the config.sample.json file:

let config = {

  // This is your Discord personal token
  token: '',

  // Prefix on which the bot will be hooked to
  prefix: '!',

  // Your MyAnimeList username
  MALusername: '',

  // Unrecognized commands
  commandError: {
    // Should we attempt to redirect every unrecognized command to a module?
    sendToModule: true,
    // Which module?
    module: 's',
    // Which function?
    function: 'run'
      In this case, any unrecognized command will be redirected to the
      stickers module to see if it exists as a sticker and if it does, send it.

  // Border color for embeds, defaults to Kuro one
  embedColor: 15473237


This new update brings every command in the form of separate modules. Inside each module you can make up the stuff you want, and you can execute it by calling the module name without the extension. There's a sample module ready for you to duplicate called base.js.

Example of a simple module with no dependencies that returns the server's member count on which you send the command:

exports.run = function(msg, args) {
  msg.channel.sendMessage('', {
    'embed': {
      'title': msg.guild.name,
      'description': `Member Count: ${msg.guild.memberCount}`,
      'color': 15473237

Pretty easy stuff. If you want me to include a module you've made, send a PR with your stuff and I'll look at it.

Bundled modules

Each module has detailed instructions inside their own files. Take a look at them for further details on how to use.

  • emote [emote]
    Shows information about a custom emote.

  • eval [expression]
    A module to eval expressions. Dangerous stuff, don't use unless pretty sure of what you're doing.

  • eyes
    A module that edits a message to add the effect of animated eyes. You probably should update the emoji name if you're not on Pilar's server.

  • getcommand [module]
    Sends the specified module's source to the chat. Ex: !getcommand base would print base.js contents to chat.

  • gifspeed [url]
    Removes delay between frames of the given gif url and uploads it.

  • mal
    Prints information about your MyAnimeList username.

  • members
    Shows the server's member count.

  • ping
    Simple tool to check delay between your bot and Discord.

  • playing [message]
    Change your playing status on Discord to the specified string. (Note you wont be able to see it due to a Discord limitation).

  • purge [number of messages]
    Grabs the supplied amount of messages from chat and deletes those that are yours.

  • reboot
    Reboots the Kuro. (Only works if using pm2|forever).

  • reload
    Reloads all the modules (Useful when developing).

  • react [message]
    React to the last message with regional characters. a-z 0-9, no spaces.

  • regional [message]
    Sends a message using regional character emojis.

  • s [name] | [add|del|ren]
    A module to manage stickers like Telegram does. Upload a sticker with a given name, and then make kuro paste it when you trigger the command.

  • smug
    Displays smug looking anime girls with patronizing looks on their faces.

  • stats
    Displays an embed with statistics.

  • status [online|idle|dnd|offline]
    The status you want to appear as whenever you're offline, since using Kuro will make discord think you're always online.

  • tag [name] | [add|del|ren]
    Saves the given text into a tag for later usage. For example tag add kuro https://github.com/kanadeko/Kuro would print https://github.com/kanadeko/Kuro every time I do tag kuro

  • tl
    Tries to translate the last message to english.

  • uptime
    Displays how long the bot has been running.

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