StoryShots is a Jest Snapshot Testing Addon for Storybook.
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StoryShots adds automatic Jest Snapshot Testing for Storybook.

This addon works with Storybook for: React and React Native.

StoryShots In Action

To use StoryShots, you must use your existing Storybook stories as the input for Jest Snapshot Testing.

Getting Started

Add the following module into your app.

npm install --save-dev @storybook/addon-storyshots

Configure your app for Jest

Usually, you might already have completed this step. If not, here are some resources for you.

  • If you are using Create React App, it's already configured for Jest. You just need to create a filename with the extension .test.js.
  • Otherwise check this Egghead lesson.

Configure Storyshots

Create a new test file with the name Storyshots.test.js. (Or whatever the name you prefer). Then add following content to it:

import initStoryshots from '@storybook/addon-storyshots';


That's all.

Now run your Jest test command. (Usually, npm test.) Then you can see all of your stories are converted as Jest snapshot tests.




By default, Storyshots assumes the config directory path for your project as below:

  • Storybook for React: .storybook
  • Storybook for React Native: storybook

If you are using a different config directory path, you could change it like this:

import initStoryshots from '@storybook/addon-storyshots';

  configPath: '.my-storybook-config-dir'


By default, Storyshots groups stories inside a Jest test suit called "Storyshots". You could change it like this:

import initStoryshots from '@storybook/addon-storyshots';

  suit: 'MyStoryshots'


If you'd like to only run a subset of the stories for your snapshot tests based on the story's kind:

import initStoryshots from '@storybook/addon-storyshots';

  storyKindRegex: /^MyComponent$/

This can be useful if you want to separate the snapshots in directories next to each component. See an example here.


If you'd like to only run a subset of the stories for your snapshot tests based on the story's name:

import initStoryshots from '@storybook/addon-storyshots';

  storyNameRegex: /buttons/


If you are running tests from outside of your app's directory, storyshots' detection of which framework you are using may fail. Pass "react" or "react-native" to short-circuit this.


Run a custom test function for each story, rather than the default (a vanilla snapshot test). See the exports section below for more details.


Apart from the default export (initStoryshots), Storyshots also exports some named test functions (see the test option above):


The default, render the story as normal and take a Jest snapshot.


Just render the story, don't check the output at all (useful if you just want to ensure it doesn't error).


Like the default, but allows you to specify a set of options for the test renderer. See for example here.

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