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$ cnpm install koa-crud-server 
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Koa CRUD Server wired up with annotated Dependency Injection + Routing with MongoDB/Mongoose and Mocha tests.


  1. Functionality is grouped under folders and is designed easily replace layers. For example, to swap out a different DB offering or even different middleware.
  2. Uses Object Oriented techniques like inheritance and aggregation.


This server uses Conga annotations (extended to annotate generators and function in form of sample below) and are place in comments are constructor, functions or properties.

 * @Injectable
 * @Inject(dao="userData['dao']")
 * @Router(prefix="/users", nested="CrudController")
exports = module.exports = (function UserController() {
    var crudController = require('../shared/crud.controller'); //extends crudController
    return function UserController(dao) {
        return Object.assign(crudController(dao), {
             * @Route('/hello')
            hello: function*(next) {
                yield next;
                this.body = {"hello" : "world"};

 * @Router
var controller = function CrudController(dao) {
    return {
         * @Route('')
        findAll: dao.findAll,
         * @Route('/:id')
        findById: dao.findById,
         * @Route('/', method=['PUT','POST'])
        create: dao.create,...

exports = module.exports = controller;

Depencency Injection

Type: @Injectable
Purpose: Flags this module to be created and then stores in object repository (application.locator) referenced by id.
Usage: Once an object is stored in repository it can injected with @inject annotation or alternative can be referenced with application.locator(id).
Location: Constructor
    id: The name of the injectable, defaults to module function name.
    singleton: Determines if object is instantiated or is object. Defaults to false.

Type: @Inject
Purpose: Get object from object repository based on specified id and inject object(s) into a module's constructor.
Usage: Constructor Dependency Injection
Location: Constructor
Parameters: One to many key/values pairs where variable name = id or variable name = id[property] eg. dao="userDao" or dao="userDao['dao']" 
Set what folder(s) and are to scanned for dependency injection. In config/index.js:

wiring: {
    scan: [...] eg, ["services/**/*.js, another-folder/**/*.js"]


Type: @Router 
Purpose: Flagged and scan module for routable functions
Usage: Use in conjunction with @Route annotation to assign route to functions
Location: Constructor
    prefix: API endpoint prefix eg. '/users' - Optional
    nested: Scan inherited or aggregated as child module - Optional
Type: @Route
Purpose: Add assigned route and optionally REST method(s) to function
Usage: State what API endpoint is assigned to a function
Location: Function
    implicit path eg '/:id' where API path would be prefix/:id eg. /users/1234
    method: REST eg 'GET', 'PUT', 'POST', 'DELETE' or 'PATCH'. Can be one or many eg METHOD='GET' or METHOD=['GET', 'POST'] - Defaults to GET

Set what folder(s) and are to scanned for dependency injection. In config/index.js:

routing: {
    scan: [...] eg, ["services/**/*.js, another-folder/**/*.js"]



  1. Checkout in a directory
  2. npm install

Running the project

To run the project, you need two terminals.

  1. Start Server npm start
  2. Try access localhost:8000 or localhost:8443
  3. APIs: 'localhost:8000/users/hello' will return {hello:world} JSON. Refer to crud.controller.js for CRUD API calls.

Run Tests

npm test


The plugin is under MIT license, please see the LICENSE file provided with the module.


Updates to come when I get some time:

  • Angular Client side example
  • React Client Side example
  • Login and security model
  • Server side rendering with prod webpack config
  • Redux
  • ES6/Babel server side
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