Test suite for testing data adapters for katar
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$ cnpm install katar-db-test 
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Katar Db Test Suite

Test suite for testing data adapters for katar.

The test suite uses the main property in package.json to import the data adapter.


Install dependencies

npm install mocha -g

Install the test suite using:

npm install katar-db-test --save-dev

Add a test command in your data adapter's package.json. Example scripts section from katar-memorydb is shown below:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha --harmony --bail --timeout 5000 ./node_modules/katar-db-test"

If the data adapter requires an options object to initialise, add this in package.json like shown below:

	"custom": {
		"testOptions": "localhost/db"

Run tests using

npm test



  • Updated readme - added details on how to add adapter options to be used by the test suite when initialising the adapter


  • Updated readme

v0.0.1 - Alpha

  • Initial release
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