Dynamic website generator. Work in progress
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$ cnpm install jetkit 
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Work in progress

Dynamic website generator

Built on top of:

  • Express - server middleware
  • Mongoose + node-validator - DB, ORM and validation
  • Hardwire - app container
  • Wiretree - dependency injection container
  • Passport - Multiservice auth
  • Jade - Template engine
  • deep.json - config loader
  • curlymail - SMTP mailer and mail template engine with mustaches support
  • miniruler - Roles, levels and permissions
  • node-cron - cronjobs
  • ¿?¿? - Handle errors and logs


Node.js and MongoDB

Quick start


Initialize a npm proyect and install JetKit as dependency (it requires a package.json):

mkdir myapp && cd myapp
npm init
npm install --save jetkit


JetKit postinstall script add 2 scripts to your package.json: jk-boilerplate and jk-initdb, run the first one in order to generate your app structure folder (/app) and a launcher (app.js)

npm run jk-boilerplate


You must configure your database connection before run your app. Open /app/config/default.json and add your credentials into mondgodb section.

Then create a user in DB:

npm run jk-initdb

Start app

Run your app:

npm start

App structure

JetKit is structured in blocks, and block are composed by public files, views and/or plugins.


Blocks folder structure:

  • config
  • controllers
  • lib
  • models
  • public
  • routes
  • services
  • utilities
  • views


See Wiretree


Configuration is exposed in tree as config. Their files are stored in /config.

See deep.json

Public files

Public files are stored in /public folder in blocks, and by default available through HTTP under /_public URLs. JetKit creates also 3 folders in public folder: js, css and img


Views are not exposed in tree. Their files are stored in /views. Views are jade templates


Routes are not exposed in tree and their files are stored in /routes


Controller files are stored in /controllers.

Exposed in group control with its file name as keyname, and under tree root with suffix Ctrl


JetKit uses Mongoose models stored in /models folder.

Exposed in group models with its file name as keyname, and under tree root with suffix Model.

3 types of models:


Collections are pure Mongoose models with its entirely API, and their files are stored in /models/collections

Subcollections (not implemented yet)

Subcollections are collections stored into a single document into _keyval collection.

Subcollection document schemas are stored in /models/subcollections folder


Singles are models that contain a single document and their files are stored in /models/singles.

Simplified API: read and update


Libraries are not exposed in tree.

Their files are stored in /lib


Service plugins are stored in /services.

Exposed in group services with its file name as keyname, and under tree root with suffix Srv.

Core services:


See Curlymail


See miniruler


Logger (¿?¿?¿?¿?)


File manager.



GET		/					Home page


GET		/user/login			    Login page
GET		/user/logout		    Login page
POST    /user/login             Post login credentials
GET     /user/forgot-password   Forgot password view
POST    /user/forgot-password   Post forgot password credentials
GET     /user/forgot-error      Error recovering password view
GET     /user/restore/:hash     Restore password form view
POST    /user/restore/:hash     Post new credentials recovering password
GET     /user/password-restored Restored password ok view

Admin API

GET		/admin							Admin dashboard
// collection docs
GET		/admin/collection/:model				List/Search documents of model :model
GET		/admin/collection/:model/new			New doc view
POST	/admin/collection/:model				Create new doc
GET		/admin/collection/:model/:id			Read doc
GET		/admin/collection/:model/:id/edit		Edit doc view
PUT		/admin/collection/:model/:id			Update doc
DEL		/admin/collection/:model/:id			Destroy doc
// single docs
GET		/admin/single/:model/:id/edit	Edit doc view
PUT		/admin/single/:model/:id		Update doc

© 2015 Jacobo Tabernero - jacoborus

Released under MIT License

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