Utility to inline images, CSS and JavaScript for a web page - useful for mobile sites
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$ cnpm install inliner-terser 
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Inliner Terser

Turns your web page to a single HTML file with everything inlined - perfect for appcache manifests on mobile devices that you want to reduce those http requests.

What it does

  • Get a list of all the assets required to drive the page: CSS, JavaScript, images, videos and images used in CSS
  • Minify JavaScript (via terser)
  • Strips white from CSS
  • Base64 encode images and videos
  • Puts everything back together as a single HTML file with a simplfied doctype


Install the inliner-terser utility via npm:

$ npm i -g inliner-terser


If you have either installed via npm or put the inliner-terser bin directory in your path, then you can use inliner-terser via the command line as per:


This will output the inlined markup with default options. You can see more options on how to disable compression or how not to base64 encode images using the help:

inliner-terser --help

To use inliner-terser inside your own script (untested, let me know if something is wrong):

var Inliner = require('inliner-terser');

new Inliner('', function (error, html) {
  // compressed and inlined HTML page


var inliner = new Inliner('');

inliner.on('progress', function (event) {
}).on('end', function (html) {
  // compressed and inlined HTML page

Once you've inlined the crap out of the page, you can optionally configure a service worker to add advanced caching and offline functionality.


  • Collapses all white space in HTML (except inside <pre> elements)
  • Strips all HTML comments
  • Pulls JavaScript and CSS inline to HTML
  • Compresses JavaScript via terser (if not compressed already)
  • Converts all images and videos to based64 data urls, inline images, video poster images and CSS images
  • Imports all @import rules from CSS (recusively)
  • Applies media query rules (for print, tv, etc media types)
  • Leaves conditional comments in place
  • If JavaScript can't be imported (or is Google Analytics), source is not put inline

Limitations / Caveats

  • Whitespace compression might get a little heavy handed - all whitespace is collapsed from n spaces to 1 space.

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