Write hyperlinks in the terminal.
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$ cnpm install hyperlinker 
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Write hyperlinks in the terminal.

Terminal emulators are starting to support hyperlinks. While many terminals have long detected URL's and linkified them, allowing you to Command-Click or Control-Click them to open a browser, you were forced to print the long unsightly URL's on the screen. As of spring 2017 a few terminals began supporting HTML like links, where the link text and destination could be specified separately.

This module will create hyperlinks when printed to a supported terminal.


$ npm install hyperlinker


const hyperlinker = require('hyperlinker');

console.log(hyperlinker('some text', 'https://example.com') + '   <--- command + click here!');
// some text    <-- command + click here!

Note that this module does not check to see if hyperlinks are supported in the current Terminal. In unsupported terminals, users will likely only see the text command. You should use module supports-hyperlinks if you want to provide an alternate presentation based on Terminal support.

const supportsHyperlinks = require('supports-hyperlinks');
const hyperlinker = require('hyperlinker');

if (supportsHyperlinks.stdout) {
    console.log(hyperlinker('click here', 'https://example.com'));
} else {
    console.log('Copy and paste the following in your browser: \n\t https://example.com');


hyperlinker(text, uri, [params])


Type: string

The text that will be visible in the link. This is equivalent to the text between the opening <a> and closing </a> tags in HTML.


Type: string

A URI (i.e https://example.com) where the link will point to. This is equivalent to the context of the href attribute in an HTML <a> tag.


Type: Object

A collection of key value pairs, that will be printed as hidden params. There's not a lot of use for these right now, except for maybe an id param. It is intended to allow extension of the spec in the future.


MIT © James Talmage

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