Automatically merge pull requests after contributors have given the thumbs up
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Automatically merge pull requests after contributors have given the thumbs up.

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  1. In your hubot's project repo, run npm install hubot-lgtm --save
  2. Add hubot-lgtm to your hubot's external-scripts.json.
  3. Create a GitHub account for your hubot if you haven't already.
  4. Create a personal API token using your bot's GH account and store it as HUBOT_LGTM_GITHUB_TOKEN.
  5. If you use Slack or Mattermost, define HUBOT_LGTM_NOTIFICATION_ROOM with the name of the room you'd like the bot to report to.


  1. Set your bot's GH user as a pull request's assignee.
  2. Set one or more human GH users as a pull request's reviewer.
  3. After at least one reviewer approves the PR and its status checks pass, the bot will merge it.

Your bot will check its assigned pull requests every 60 seconds. The polling interval can be changed by defining HUBOT_LGTM_INTERVAL.

At any time, you can request a list of pull requests that have been assigned to your bot:

user1>> hubot list your pull requests
hubot>> I'm monitoring these pull requests:


Please read our general contributing guidelines.

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