publish your hexo posts to github issues.
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$ cnpm install hexo-generator-issues 
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The Hexo plugin publish your posts to GitHub issues.

The plugin work on generate stage.When run hexo g or hexo generate, the issue will be published.

The posts and issue are associated with post.title to issue.title. If the post has not be published -- there is no issue has a same title with a post -- then will cerate a new issue using post.title, post.tag and post._content(post's markdown source content).If change the post content, the first issue has the same title will update. Otherwise, if a post be delete or reset title, the issue will be closed.

And you can use metadata issueNumber to point a post to a issue.

(A completely new version is on beta, and it will be more reliability. See more details and to try


npm install hexo-generator-issues --save


You should add this configuration in _config.yml.

    # Auth type,More in https://github.com/mikedeboer/node-github#authentication
    # Auth from token
    # Auth from client keys
    # Auth from credentials
  repository:  # The issue repository. 
    owner:  # `userName`
    repo: # `repositoryName` 
    position: 'top' # `top` or `bottom` or `false` 
    template: 'The original: $$url.**`. `$$url' # The default template is 'The original: $$url.**`. `$$url'
  issueLink: # add issue link on the top or bottom of content.
    position: 'bottom' # `top` or `bottom` or other as `false`
    template: '**Have any question? go to github issue to discuss: $$url.**' # `$$url` is the link placeholder,is using markdown format `![post title](post url)`
  • auth - Push issue need be authenticated. More auth info in Node-github. And the authentication alse need have push access to the repository.
  • repository - The repository puts issues.Need have push access. The repositoryName must exist in userName account.
    • owner - userName.
    • repo - repositoryName
  • sourceLink - This Option will add post link on the top or bottom of the issue.
    • position - Link postition. Allow top or bottom. set other value will not add post link to issue.
    • template - Link style. Allow any markdown syntx, the default value is **The original: $$url.**. $$url is the link placeholder,will be replaced by markdown format ![post title](post url)
  • issueLink - This Option will add issue link on the top or bottom of the issue.it only work when a post has a issueNumber.Note it will not check the issue is exist or not.
    • position - Link postition. Allow top or bottom.
    • template - Link style. Allow any markdown syntx, the default value is **Have any question? go to github issue to discuss: $$url.** is the link placeholder,will be replaced by markdown format ![post title](issue url)

In order to better management issue create and update, the post allow to add a new metadata field issueNumber.

title: The post's title
issueNumber: 1

This field be specified to connecting post to existing issue.If the value of this field corresponds to the issue does not exist, this field will be ignored. If the value is set 0, the post will not publish as a issue.


Before test, you should add option about authentication and test repository in test/options.js files.The authentication must has access in creating and delete repository.

var option = {
  auth: {
    // ..authInfo, details in https://github.com/mikedeboer/node-github#authentication
  repository: {
    owner: 'owner', // userName
    repo: '__hexo-igenerator-issue-test'

Then run npm run test.


Create issues too fast you may see the error:

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Connection: close

  "message": "You have triggered an abuse detection mechanism and have been temporarily blocked from content creation. Please retry your request again later.",
  "documentation_url": "https://developer.github.com/v3#abuse-rate-limits"

This is because github limit some of api's rate: dealing-with-abuse-rate-limits

Requests that create content which triggers notifications, such as issues, comments and pull requests, may be further limited and will not include a Retry-After header in the response. Please create this content at a reasonable pace to avoid further limiting.

So, to aviding the error, the first time publish every posts have a 2s interval, thus it will take very long time. If failed, you can try it later. More details in https://github.com/octokit/octokit.net/issues/638

Update Logs


Rewrite the plugin, more details goto https://github.com/tcatche/hexo-generator-issues/blob/develop/README.md to try.

The rewrite version is the beta version, which is not stable and should not be used in important repo.


Add issue link support.

Fix publish issue errors.


Add mocha test case.

Change github lib.

Fix sometimes will duplicated publish problem.


Add support to ignore post when set issueNumber value to 0.

Add babel to transform the code.


Add support to connecting post to existing issues with add post meta data issueNumber.


Initialize the Repository.



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