Heroku plugin for adding postgres connections from heroku to local Postico or PG Commander apps
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$ cnpm install heroku-postico 
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Heroku Postico Plugin

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This plugin is to quickly and easily add your application Postgres connection details to Postico - "A Modern PostgreSQL Client for OS X".

Also compatible with PG Commander, Postico's predecessor.

From Postico v0.22 onwards, this plugin will automatically use the app name as the connection nickname. Thanks Jakob!


$ heroku plugins:install heroku-postico
$ heroku help postico


To add (or open existing) connections:

$ heroku postico:open


$ heroku postico:open --app <app_name>

or from within an application with multiple remotes

$ heroku postico:open --remote <remote_name>

About Jemcode


Heroku Postico is maintained and funded by Jemcode Limited. We are available for hire.

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