Npm module that helps you build your projects
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$ cnpm install harno-kernel 
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Npm module that helps you to build your projects


npm install harno-kernel

Brief overview

Harno-kernel contains three main components:

  • the kernel - the main script that can register and manage services
  • services - a bunch of available service, that contains different logics, methods and etc. that can be run in browser, node, and other enviroments
  • wrappers - a bunch of available wrapper. Wrapper is a js script that registers a bunch of services for specific needs. Like: node server, web canvas game, electron app and etc

You can require any of that component independently.

  • the kernel:
import Kernel from 'harno-kernel/dist/kernel' // or just 'harno-kernel'
  • services:
import ExpressService from 'harno-kernel/dist/services/node/express/express.service'
import ConfigService from 'harno-kernel/dist/services/shared/config/config.service'
  • wrappers:
import ServerKernel from 'harno-kernel/dist/wrappers/server/server.kernel'


File naming conventions

  • .service. (game.service.js) - files that contain services (classes that would become kernel services)
  • .class. (block.class.js) - files that contain classes that are used in other classes
  • .management. (files.management.js) - files that contain services that manage some internal data
  • .model. (player.model.js) - files that contain services that manage data in databases
  • .test. (game.service.test.js) - files that contain tests
  • .router. (game.router.js) - files that define routes
  • .any. (game.params.js) - files that do something specific



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