Hapi Typescript scaffold project
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$ cnpm install hapi-ts-scaffold 
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Hapi Typescript scaffold project

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List of features available in this project

  • Generate Hapi typescript starter project
  • Generate independent controller with route (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE)
  • Pre-defined gulp task to compile and run server.
Work in Progress
  • Entity creation for Model
  • Joi validation for API
  • Swagger documentaion integration


Possible ways to contribute this project

  • Raising issues
  • Writing unit test cases
  • Developing Work in Progress items

For any queries reach my email ashokjp93@gmail.com

Steps to kickstart with hapi typescript scaffold

1.) Install hapi-ts-scaffold globally

npm install -g hapi-ts-scaffold 

2.) To generate new project use the following command

// hapi-ts-scaffold <project-name>
ht create helloWorld

3.) To create new module, navigate to root folder helloWorld

cd helloWorld

// hapi-ts-scaffold -m <module-name>
ht -m user

Generated folder structure above executed command

|   gulpfile.js
|   package.json
|   tsconfig.json
|   tslint.json
    |   config.ts
    |   server.ts  
        |       Logger.ts

4.) Npm install to install all required modules

npm install

5.) To run the application

npm start

6.) Application will be running on following port

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