Wraps route's handlers into generator
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$ cnpm install hapi-generoutify 
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Wraps route's handlers into generator

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npm install hapi-generoutify --save


You can use hapi-generoutify for generator router's handlers (and the yield keyword), and co today.

Registering the Plugin

const Hapi = require('hapi');
const hapiGeneroutify = require('hapi-generoutify');

const server = new Hapi.Server();
server.register([hapiGeneroutify], (error) => { ... });

Now all route's handler will be wrap to co.wrap.

function* getUserAction(request, reply) {
  const user = yield database.User.findOne({ email: request.payload.email });

  if (!user) {
    yield Promise.reject(Boom.notFound('USER_NOT_FOUND'));

  method: 'GET',
  path: '/',
  handler: getUserAction

Also you can pass just simple function to handler and it will work as before.

By default your generator are catched by global errorHandler, which reply error. You can define custom handler as hapi server method like:

server.methods('errorHandler', (reply, err) => {
  if (err instanceof AwesomeHttpError) {
  } else {
    // ...

See full examples in examples folder.

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