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$ cnpm install hack-spirit 
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hack-spirit is a client library and a cli for TeamSpirit. It makes TeamSpirit hackable.

Currently, it provides these functionalities:

  • Get current work status
  • Start work
  • Finish work
  • Report your overtime work
  • Report your delayed arrival
  • Record worktime
  • Chill out
  • Generate worktime report (weekly, monthly, specified period)


$ npm install --global https://github.com/aHirokiKumamoto/hack-spirit


I strongly recommend login command that stores your credentials. You don't need to put the options --user and --password when once you login.

  Usage: hack-spirit [options] [command]


    login                   login with your team sprint credentials
    work_status             print current work status
    start_work              start work
    finish_work             finish_work
    overtime [options]      Report your overtime work
    delayed [options]       Report your delayed arrival
    worktime [options]      Record worktime
    chill_out [options]     Chill out
    chilled_out [options]   Chilled out until the time
    chills [options]        Manage a chills
    weekly [options]        Generate weekly worktime report
    monthly [options]       Generate weekly worktime report
    time_report [options]   Generate worktime report with a specified period


    -h, --help               output usage information
    -V, --version            output the version number
    -u, --user [String]      user name
    -p, --password [String]  password
    -v, --verbose            print log
    -b, --browser            show browser

Some command (such as overtime ) takes extra options. Please run hack-spirit [command] --help and check out the output


$ hack-spirit work_status -u user_name -p password

How it works

hack-spirit is highly depended on [nightmare][] that uses [electron][] as headless browser.

So, you can see how the electron works with --browser options.

[nightmare]: https://github.com/segmentio/nightmare) [electron]: http://electron.atom.io/

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