Gulp task builder using a json object.
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$ cnpm install gulp-task-builder 
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Gulp Task Builder

Node module task builder which can be configured by a JSON Object containing the relevant tasks to build.

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Node module task builder which can be configured by a JSON Object containing the relevant tasks to build. Now you dont need to write gulp tasks in javascript just feine object then thats it.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

  1. Setup

. Features




npm install gulp-task-builder -D


var builder = require('gulp-task-builder')
var tasks = {
  "task1":{src:"path/to/source/files", dest:"path/to/save"}

Task Options


Basic Example

with required options

var builder = require('gulp-task-builder')
var tasks = {
  "task1":{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest"},
  "task2":{src:"./packages/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest/lib"}


Compress your files with the compress option. This function is using

{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", compress:true}
{src:"./src/*.html", ext:".html", dest:"dest", compress:{collapseWhitespace: true}}
{src:"./src/*.css", ext:".css", dest:"dest", compress:{compatibility: 'ie8'}}
{src:"./src/*.json", ext:".json", dest:"dest", compress:true}

for more css options Click Here


Concatenate (join) your files with the concat option.

//File name will be task1.js which is the task name
task1:{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", concat:true}

//File name will be jsbundle.js which is the task name
task1:{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", concat:true, name:"jsbundle"}

//File name will be jsbundle.json which is the task name
task1:{src:"./src/*.json", ext:".json", dest:"dest", concat:true, name:"jsonbundle"}


Filter your source files with the filter option.

{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", filter:'!src/vendor'}
{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", filter:['*', '!src/vendor']}
{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", filter:{match:['*', '!src/vendor'], options:{restore:true, passthrough:true, dot:true}}}
{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", filter:function(file){ /*You can access file.cwd, file.base, file.path and file.contents */ }}

restore and passthrough will come very soon.


Rename your destination file or path. You can provide String|Function|Object.

{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", rename:"main/text/ciao/"}
{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", rename:function (path) { path.dirname += "/ciao"; path.basename += "-goodbye"; path.extname = ".md" }}
{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", rename:{dirname: "main/text/ciao", basename: "aloha", prefix: "bonjour-", suffix: "-hola", extname: ".md"}}


Wrap your files or target files with the given headers and footers Object|Array.

{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", wrapper:{header:"this will be header", footer:"this will be footer"}}
{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", wrapper:[{header:"header1", footer:"footer1"}{header:"headerN", footer:"footerN"}]}

Log contents

You can also log paths contents and other stream options. In case set to true the default value will be contents

{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", log:true}
{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", preLog:true}
{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", preLog:'path'}// Console Paths

Disable save

You can also disable the save option by setting save:false

{src:"./src/*.js", ext:".js", dest:"dest", save:false}

Task options

Each task contains REQUIRED options which can be passed along with OPTIONALS(Flow Control, Plugins, Log Options).


Required Options

  • src (string) Gulp src parameter. Path of your source files. It can be also regEx. More Details.
  • dest (string) Gulp dest parameter. Path where you want to save your files. More Details.
  • ext (string) extension of file which is defined in src option.


Flow Control

  • runBefore (string|Array(string)) Define task dependencies which will run before this task.
  • save (bool) Set true if you want to save your output. Default true.
  • name (string) Recommended. Define unique name of gulp task.
  • order (Array(string)) Define flow of execution. Like ['log','filter','compress','concat','wrapper'].


This package is using below pluging

Task Plugin Value Type Description
Filter gulp-filter
  • Object
  • String
  • Array
  • Function
To filter your files. if you are sending Object then that object should have two properties match and options. See gulp-filter for more details.
  • String
  • Object
object contains two properties name and ext.
Replace gulp-replace
  • Object
  • array(objects)
Object can be one of these two objects {target:"", src:""} this will send to gulp-replace and second {buildName:replacement} buildName (string
Debug --- Boolean true, false
Wrapper gulp-wrapper
  • Object
  • Array
Each Object has two options header and footer. More Details
Harmony/ES2015 --- Boolean Set it true if you need ES6 support too. More Details
Rename gulp-rename
  • String
  • Object
  • Function
You can edit the name or edit the path of your destination file. More Details
  • Boolean
  • Object
this will use gulp-uglify if ext is .js, gulp-htmlmin if ext is .html and gulp-clean-css if css is .css

Log Options

  • log (string|bool) log/console content of stream. All options of glob-stream are supported. Default value is contents.
  • preLog (bool) console stream before processing. same as log above.
  • postLog (bool) console stream just before save(gulp.dest function) stream. same as log above.
  • get (function) Just in case if you want to get stream.NOTE it will not effect the stream.




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