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$ cnpm install gulp-svg-spritesheet 
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#gulp-svg-spritesheet A gulp.js plugin to generate an SVG sprite sheet.

Unlike other node SVG plugins, this does not require Windows users to install Python or Visual Studio C++.

All output is done using mustache templates, and as such can be customised to work for Sass, Less, CSS or whatever you like.


$ npm install --save-dev iamdarrenhall/gulp-svg-sprite

##Basic usage In it's simplest form, all you need to define is the source mustache formatted template file and the destination for the rendered file, plus the path to the sprite relative to the destination.

gulp.task('default', function () {
        cssPathSvg: 'images/sprite.svg'
        templateSrc: 'sass.tpl',
        templateDest: 'sass/sprite.scss'

##Complex usage You can also specify a no-SVG fallback image path, add padding, use relative units and specify positioning layout. You can also chain in other gulp plugins.

gulp.task('default', function () {
        cssPathNoSvg: 'images/sprite.png'
        cssPathSvg: 'images/sprite.svg'
        padding: 10,
        pixelBase: 16,
        positioning: 'diagonal',
        templateSrc: 'sass.tpl',
        templateDest: 'sass/sprite.scss',
        units: 'em'



Type: string Default: <empty>

Optional. CSS background-image path for the non-SVG fallback image, which will be output in the templateDest file. The path should be relative to that final destination file. The mustache template can ignore an empty value. To generate a fallback image you must use a plugin of your choice (e.g. gulp-svg2png) and pipe in the SVG as per the complex example above.


Type: string Default: ./test.svg

CSS background-image path which will be used in the templateDest file. The path should be relative to that final destination file.

####demoDest Type: string Default: <empty>

Optional. A demo file can be created showing all of the SVGs within the spritesheet. A sample is provided in the test folder and can be customised however you like. If you do not require a demo file then leave this option empty.

####demoSrc Type: string Default: ../demo.tpl

Optional. The source mustache template file used to create the demoDest file. Only used when demoDest is not empty.

####padding Type: integer Default: 0

Add padding around the individual sprites. Value is pixel based.

####pixelBase Type: integer Default: 16

Optional. Used if anything other than px is specified in units to calculate relative units.

####positioning Type: integer Default: vertical

Allows icons to be layed out in one of several ways:

  • vertical – stacked one on top of another
  • horizontal – placed side by side
  • diagonal – cascading from top left to bottom right
  • packed – like Compass' smart layout option

####templateDest Type: string Default: ./sprite.scss

The destination of the sprite sheet CSS generated from templateSrc.

####templateSrc Type: string Default: ./template.tpl

A mustache template file used to output the sprite sheet CSS.

####units Type: string Default: px

CSS background size and position units of measurement. If a value other than px is specified (em or rem) then pixel values will be converted to relative units using pixelBase.

####x Type: integer Default: 0

Offset the starting X position on the sprite sheet.

####y Type: integer Default: 0

Offset the starting X position on the sprite sheet.

##Disclaimer This is my first gulp plugin, so it might be complete rubbish. It's very alpha right now, and as such may not work. If you spot any bugs, or areas for improvement then feel free to go fork yourself and send me a pull request!

##Thanks @shakyShane and his gulp-svg-sprites plugin, which I was using before I need it to run without a Python dependancy.

@FWeinb and his grunt-svgstore plugin, which I took inspiration from in using Cheerio.

@jakesgordon and his bin-packing algorithm, which is used when positioning is set to packed.

Code Computerlove, the agency for whom I created this plugin, for allowing me to open source it.

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