Gulp plugin that finds accidental occurrence of colons & semicolons at the end of the string, within the quotation.
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$ cnpm install gulp-kill-semicolon 
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npm install gulp-kill-semicolon

How often did this happen to you?

var s = 'hello;'

Or this?

var o = {
		h: 'world,'

(If you still didn't notice, then you might already have this problem somewhere else - it's either semicolon or colon accidentally included INSIDE the string - within the quotes!)

Did you spend hours on searching for what was wrong with your code? No IDE showed you that there was something wrong..

Well, suffer no more, as here comes gulp-kill-semicolon.

Usage example:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var killSemicolon = require('gulp-kill-semicolon').killSemicolon;

gulp.task('sem', function(){
	return gulp.src([
					'./*.js' //it's up to you to pick files you want to analyze

Please note that this plugin WILL NOT modify your files. It will ONLY log the warnings to your console, indicating the lines of code in particular files that have either colon or semicolon at the end of the string declaration. Works with both single and double quotation.

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