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$ cnpm install grow-cli -g
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Generator for projects that makes life easy (inspired by vue-cli)

The installation: npm install grow-cli -g


  1. Write your own custom template and store them on github
  2. Generate project from templates on github
  3. List available templates


Config your github account

  • grow config --username your-github-username

No need to explain, this command will create a file ~/.growconfig holding your github configs. You have to set your GitHub username first to run other commands.

Create A Project

  • grow init your-template-name your-project-name

This will create a project with the name you give using the template on the current working directory. Note that the project is located inside a folder named your-project-name.

  • grow init your-template-name your-project-name -i

This is almost the same with the first one above, but instead it will create all of the files in the current working directory. -i is short for --indir

  • grow list

List templates on your GitHub. Template Repos are suffixed with -gt

Create A Template

  1. Create a repo on your github named 'blablabla-gt', with -gt at the end.

  2. Setup your template project as usual.

  3. Put a grow.config.js file inside the repo with configurations. The config file is used to fill the {{xxx}} inside your template.

For more information, just look into my simple vue.js template vue-gt

Upcoming features

No idea XD

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