Common utilities for graphql-config
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$ cnpm install graphql-config-utilities 
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Common utilities for graphql-config


npm install graphql-config-utilities --save

or, with Yarn:

yarn add graphql-config-utilities



This utility reads schema information from a .graphqlconfig file in the project root. The configuration can contain one nameless project or many named projects. The configuration is compatible with the vscode-graphql extension. This extension provides syntax highlighting and autocomplete suggestions for graphql files.

Each project specifies a schemaPath, include, and exclude globs. Glob patterns match paths relative to the location of the configuration file. Omit exclude if empty.

See the official specification documentation for more detail and examples.

Example: single nameless project configuration

  "schemaPath": "build/schema.json",
  "includes": "app/**/*.graphql"

Example: multi-project configuration

  "projects": {
    "foo": {
      "schemaPath": "build/schema/foo.json",
      "includes": "app/foo/**/*.graphql"
    "bar": {
      "schemaPath": "build/schema/bar.json",
      "includes": "app/bar/**/*.graphql"

Example: YAML format

schemaPath: build/schema.json
  - 'app/**/*.graphql'

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