applies a glob pattern to a set of files *after* excluding specific subfolders
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$ cnpm install globulesce 
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Need a list of files matching a set of glob patterns? Need to exclude certain subfolders? Need it fast? Try globulesce! It's as fast as its name is gross.

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Fully async, promise based API.


###( path, match, ignore, { options } )

path the directory to start scanning in (this is inclusive).

match a glob string or an array of glob strings to match files against.

ignore a directory or list of directories to ignore. This defaults to [ '.git', 'node_modules' ]. If you'd like those folders included, provide an empty array.

options a set of optional flags to include. directories is a boolean that can be included to return directories instead of files.

var glob = require( 'globulesce' );

var files = glob( './', [ '**/*.js' ], [ '.git', 'node_modules' ] );

The ignore directory ignores all directories with a matching name regardless of depth

For my purposes, when I need to ignore a directory, I always want to ignore it. This may not be helpful. If you need different behavior, send a PR :D


This library does almost nothing and relies almost entirely on

  • minimatch

Why Reinvent The Wheel!?

I needed a way to scan a directory tree for files that wouldn't first eagerly scan .git and node_modules. There are several NPM libs that promise to do this but don't. The end result is that you wait a few seconds whilst they tear through an entire tree and then proceed to toss a bunch of results out (or don't even do that).

None of my specific use cases care about what are in .git or node_modules and are time sensitive.

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