Generate reports with statistics from github organizations
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$ cnpm install github-org-reporter 
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Github Org Exporter

Export GH org stats to excel or other output formats. Currently only excel is supported


npm i -g github-org-reporter


github-org-reporter \ 
	-v \
	--org Signafy \
	--repo-exclude-filter "(pattern1|pattern2)" \
	--repo-include-filter "(some-pattern)" \
	--cache \
	--output-file \
	<output-file>.xlsx \


Output stats for a github org

  --help                 Show help                                     [boolean]
  --version              Show version number                           [boolean]
  --output-file          Report output file
                         [string] [default: "${PWD}/report.xlsx"]
  --data                 Data output directory
                         [string] [default: "${PWD}/data"]
  --repo-include-filter  Regex repo include filter      
                         [string] [default: null]
  --repo-exclude-filter  Regex exclude filter    
                         [string] [default: null]
  --open                 Open when complete           
                         [boolean] [default: false] 
  --cache                Use cached data if available 
                         [boolean] [default: false]
  --org, -o              Org to generate for                 
                         [string] [required]
  --token, -t            Github token, if not available in env
                         [string] [default: ${GITHUB_TOKEN}]
  --verbose, -v          Verbose output               
                         [boolean] [default: false]

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