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$ cnpm install github-fetch-release 
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A github release fetcher (alias of github-fetch-starter). This is intended to fetch files (releases on github) that ease starting any project you could think of. You can make your own "starter" releases on behalf of using this tool to easily fetch those releases on your file system and start a project in a snap

It is a better way to fetch a repo/release because to git clone a repository will fetch the last state of the project which can have a build failure state. Also git clone will fetch the .git directory which is used for the maintainer of the project and consider useless for the end user.


yarn global add github-fetch-release


github-fetch-release --username 'vdegenne' --app-name 'myapp' node-cli-starter
# or
github-fetch-release -u 'vdegenne' -n 'myapp' node-cli-starter # for short

This will fetch vdegenne/myapp last github release, unpack the archive in a freshly new made myapp directory.

Also you can specify a version,

github-fetch-release -u 'vdegenne' -n 'myapp' -v 'v1.1.0' node-cli-starter


It was originally intended to fetch starters to ease starting a project but actually you can use this tool to fetch anything you want. For instance you could fetch react :

github-fetch-release -u 'facebook' react

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