Download the latest Firefox from the command line
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$ cnpm install get-firefox 
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Download the latest Firefox from the command line. Supports almost any release, except on Android.

This package works mostly without relying on

It determines some file names using a helper file built with the other packages, so it might break if the build infrastructure changes.


Install this command by running npm install -g get-firefox.

Usage in the command line

Run get-firefox --platform android --target fennec.apk --architecture arm-v11 in the console to download the latest Firefox nightly for Android as fennec.apk. Currently downloads 64-bit versions only, when there is a choice.

Run get-firefox --help for a complete description of possible options.

Usage as node module

var getFirefox = require("get-firefox");

The main module implements a few public methods, see the binary file for their usage.


The source code in this package is licensed under the MPL-2.0. A copy of the license text can be found in the LICENSE file.

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