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Launch a production ready PWA in very little time, without compromising on scalability and quality.

This project tries to make as many opinionated choices as possible about the dev stack, in a sensible manner, in order to quickly build a product that could sustain a significant amount of traffic/users.

The following choices have been made:

  • React front-end framework
  • create-react-app as a starting project which provides: testing (jest), linting and building
  • material-ui component library
  • Progressive Web App mobile first development approach
  • Typescript for type checking
  • prettier for formatting code base
  • Firebase for Hosting, Database (Firestore), and Authentication
  • CircleCI to automate tests and deploys
  • Google Analytics to track app usage

Take a look at this demo app created with fullstrapp

Table of Contents

Getting Started

1. Install and create app

yarn global add fullstrapp

fullstrapp myapp

You will be asked a Firebase Project ID and Web API Key which can be found in your Firebase Project settings. These values will be stored in the root folder of your app as environment variables: .env.local

2. Setup CircleCI to automate tests and deploys

  • Go to CircleCI and add your github repo as a Project
  • Press Start Building or follow your project.
  • Add the environment variables created in .env.local to CircleCI:
  • Create a Firebase Auth Token locally: yarn firebase login:ci
  • Add the Firebase token to CircleCI as an environment variable called FIREBASE_TOKEN

Every time a commit is pushed to github, CircleCI will automatically run CI tests. See command ci in package.json.

Every time a pull request is merged into master, CircleCI will deploy to firebase if all the tests succeed.

3. Setup Google Analytics (optional)


  • To launch an MVP as fast as possible: within a day
  • To iterate on features quickly: under 2 minute tests and deploys
  • To provide tools and guidelines for teams of up to 5 people
  • To support up to at least 10K active users per month
  • To be affordable for the hobbyist developer: free until meaningful traction

Reaching any of the limits should make it easier to raise enough funding to cover increased costs, or to pursue other endeavors to mitigate costs, or to request for free services for a non-profit.


  • Create a mobile first Progressive Web App (PWA) to target many environments
  • Use tools to advance the MVP as further as possible with the least amount of work
  • Automate as many things as possible: formatting, tests, and deploys
  • Use services at a free tier level, where cost would only materialize if the product gets traction
  • Put in place guidelines and templates


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