A RESTful API for the fsm-core module.
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A boilerplate using NodeJs, Express, Sequelize, Apidoc, Eslint, Mocha, Cluster and the best practices.

Getting up and running

  1. Clone the repository
  2. npm install
  3. npm run dev
  4. Visit https://localhost:3000
  5. Visit https://localhost:3000/apidoc to see the existing API

Some command

npm start  # Run the serveur in cluster mode (it also generate the apidoc)
npm lint   # Check lint error using eslint
npm test   # run mocha tests
npm apidoc # Generate the apidoc

Coding Style

The coding style used is the airbnb one: https://github.com/airbnb/javascript

You can configure it in the .eslintrc file.


The architecture is MVR (Model View Route)

The files are structured in the following manner:

libs        (Configurations files and libs)
models      (Sequelize models)
routes      (Express routes, the comments in this folder are used to generate the apidoc)
test        (mocha test, 'npm test' to run it)
auth.js     (Configuration for JWT auth (JSON Web Tokens))
cluster.js  (Used to run in cluster mode. We could use https://github.com/Unitech/pm2 too)
index.js    (Entry point)
ntask.*     (SSL certificates)

If you want to have a better understanding of the architecture, I recommend you to read Caio Ribeiro Pereira's book.


This project is base on the book of Caio Ribeiro Pereira and his repository so, all the credit goes to him. Also, I recommend you his book.

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