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$ cnpm install framevuerk-builder 
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Framevuerk Builder

How to Use

Framevuerk can have different configs, direction, and colors based on the user's taste. To setup your custom version, you should install framevuerk-builder package on your project (next to framevuerk package).

npm i framevuerk-builder -D

And your config or list of configs array in .json file. (Also you can deliver same content via .js file and module.exports format)

    "config-name": "foobar",
    "direction": "ltr",
    "primary-color": "#41b883",
    "secondary-color": "#35485d",
    "danger-color": "#dd4b39",
    "warning-color": "#ef8f00",
    "info-color": "#14b0cf",
    "bg-color": "#fff",
    "header-bg-color": "#35485d",
    "sidebar-bg-color": "#3a3a3a",
    "footer-bg-color": "#3a3a3a",
    "padding": "1em",
    "transition-speed": "0.35s",
    "border-radius": "2px",
    "shadow-size": "1px"

Finally you can build framevuerk by this cli command. Don't forgot to put your builder command to your build or postinstall scripts. Note that use ./node_modules/.bin/framevuerk-builder instead of framevuerk-builder if you run this command manually in terminal

framevuerk-builder -d "path/to/framevuerk/source/dir" -o "path/to/receive/builded/files" -c "path/to/config/file"

# --dir, -d         path to framevuerk source folder. default: "./node_modules/framevuerk"
# --output-dir, -o  path to output files. default: "./node_modules/framevuerk/dist"
# --config, -c      path to config file. used default config if not set.

And output files goes to --output-dir directory:

  • framevuerk-foobar.js
  • framevuerk-foobar.min.js
  • framevuerk-foobar.css
  • framevuerk-foobar.min.css

You are now config your app to use Framevuerk!

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