Find package.json files in parent directories, keep finding until you find the right one using iterators.
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$ cnpm install find-package-json 
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Easily find package.json files that you're searching for. It spiders parent directories for package.json files and correctly reads the results. It follows an ES6 iterator design so it should be easy to implement.


The module is released in the public npm registry and can be installed by running:

npm install --save find-package-json


We expose a single function as module interface. So in all examples we assume that you've already required the code as illustrated in the example below:

'use strict';

var finder = require('find-package-json');

The function accepts 1 optional argument which is the directory it should start searching in or a module object with a filename key. If nothing is provided it will default to process.cwd() as entry point.

As we're build upon the iterator interface you can simply call the .next() function of the returned result to find the first package.json. If you don't like the result, call .next() again to find the next file. Please do note that these methods do synchronous API calls in Node.js so they are blocking.

var f = finder(__dirname);

console.log(; // the package.json object
console.log(; // the path to the package.json file

You can also search for the global module object:

var f = finder(module);

console.log(; // the package.json object
console.log(; // the path to the package.json file

If there is no more package.json's to be found, the method will set the returned done key as true;

var f = finder(__dirname); // false // true



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