Fazilet Calendar API client for node.js / browser.
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$ cnpm install fazilet-api 
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fazilet-api v3

Fazilet Takvimi api client for Node and browser (with browserify). Written in ES6. Use it with latest Node.js versions later than 4.2.0.


This library is currently not being published publicly on npm or anywhere. Please do not distribute this library out there publicly. Use it with responsibly. And let us know at bilgi@fazilet.com.tr, if there is a revelation.


If you are reading this you probably got a tarball archive. So, to install run:

$ npm install [path_to_tarball]/fazilet-api.tgz

Getting Started

To start using api create an instance. All methods return ES6 promises.

Below tutorial is for Node. To use it with browser use require('fazilet-api/browser').

let FaziletApi = require('fazilet-api');
let fazilet = new FaziletApi({ apiKey: 'SECRET_API_KEY' });

// pray times of current date.
var regionId = 31; // Istanbul
fazilet.times(regionId, new Date())
  .then(times => console.log(times.sunrise))
  .catch(ex => console.error(ex));

// hadith of current date.
fazilet.hadith(new Date())
  .then(hadith => console.log(hadith.content))
  .catch(ex => console.error(ex));

// articles of current year.
var languageId = 1; // turkish
fazilet.yearlyArticles(2018, languageId)
  .then(articles => console.log(articles[0].content))
  .catch(ex => console.error(ex));


Docs are generated with JsDoc 3 under docs directory.


─░smail Demirbilek.

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