a wrapper around ezmesure API
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$ cnpm install ezmesure 
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A NodeJS wrapper around ezmesure API

The ezMESURE api is used.


npm install -g ezmesure



const ezmesure = require('ezmesure');

ezmesure.indices.list().then(indiceList => {
}).catch(err => {

Command line

The module provides an ezmesure command. Use --help to get mor details about the way it works:

ezmesure --help
  indices <command>  Manage indices

  -u, --base-url  API URL (ex: https://ezmesure-preprod.couperin.org/api)
  -t, --token     Auth token
  -k, --insecure  Allow connections to SSL without certs               [boolean]
  --help          Show help                                            [boolean]

  ezmesure indices list
  ezmesure indices delete univ-nancy

When using node-ezmesure on the command line, any .ezmesurerc file located in the current directory or any of its parents will be used as default



indices.list([{Object} options]) : Promise

Returns an array of all indices with their name and the number of documents.

Example of result:

  { name: 'univ-fcomte', docs: 35133 },
  { name: 'univ-test2', docs: 31923 },
  { name: 'univ-test3', docs: 15 }

indices.insert({String|Stream} file, {String} indice[, {Object} options]) : Promise

Inserts a file (given either a path or a readable stream) into an indice. Returns an object with the following properties:

  • inserted: number of documents successfuly inserted.
  • updated: number of documents successfuly updated.
  • failed: number of documents that failed to be inserted.
  • errors: an array containing the 10 first errors generated during the insertion.

indices.delete({String} indice[, {Object} options]) : Promise

Deletes an indice. Returns an object with the following property:

  • acknowledged: boolean, will be true in case of success, false otherwise.

config.find([{String} startPath]) : Promise

Looks for a .ezmesurerc file in the given directory (defaulting to the working directory) and all its parents. Returns the path of the config file, or null if not found.

config.load({String|Object} config) : Promise

Loads a default config, using either an object or a path to a config file.


  • {String} baseurl: URL to the API endpoint (ex: https://ezmesure.couperin.org/api)
  • {String} token: JWT auth token
  • {Boolean} strictSSL: enable or disable SSL cert verification
  • {Object} headers: custom headers to send along with the request
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