Model-driven Web UI for CRUD and more
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$ cnpm install evolutility-ui-react 
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Evolutility-UI-React is a set of model-driven views to Browse, Edit, List, Cards, and Charts data by writing models rather than code.


Download or clone from GitHub.

# To get the latest stable version, use git from the command line.
git clone https://github.com/evoluteur/evolutility-ui-react

In the Evolutility-UI-React directory, use the command line to type the following:

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run the node.js server
npm start

In a web browser, go to the url http://localhost:3000/.

For the REST endpoints, you also need to install and run Evolutility-Server-Node which provides the matching REST endpoints based on the same metadata.


For any object, a single model defines UI elements across views in a simple declarative way.

Evolutility-UI-React provides 2 types of view:

Notes: Views for actions will come later.

A large part of the API (methods, options and events) is common to all views. Some views have additional API.

Views for One object


Shows all fields for viewing (read only). Fields are grouped in panels.