EventEmitter with generator support
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$ cnpm install eventemitter-co 
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eventemitter with generator support (through co). eventemitter-co mimics require('events').EventEmitter API.

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var sleep = require('nyks/function/sleep');

var Event = require('eventemitter-co');
var event = new Event();

var cafe = {color:'black'};
event.on("start", function*() {
  yield sleep(1);
  console.log("Hi, coffee is ", this.color);
}, cafe);


Errors (&promises)

event.emit() will return a promise you can work with if you need to handle errors


You can set an optional 3rd parameter and set the context ("this") in event registration.


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  • tj/co
  • uclass a pure JS/browser compliant class design syntax (ES6 classes with bindings)

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