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$ cnpm install etcd4js 
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This is a basical client support for etcd v2 and v3 API.
Attention : V2 API full support is still in progress.Basical key/value support already finished.
Attention : Now V3 API only KV service can use restful gRPC-gateway.So fully support must waiting 3.1 Release.

Update Log

Ver 1.1.2 : Fix V2 API BasicAuth

Install && Init

npm install etcd4js


V3 Api require base64 key/value and range_end.This plugin will auto change it.Just input normal string in function.

const etcd4js = require('etcd4js'); 
let store = new etcd4js.v3('');//V3 API
let storev2 = new etcd4js.v2();//V2 API Default Use

let username = 'root', password = 'test';
storev2.setAuth(username, password);//Use user to access auth

let key = 'hello';
let value = 'world';

//Use Default Option
store.Put(key, value)
.then((res) => {
.catch((err) => {

//Use Personal Option
store.Range(key, {count_only: true})
.then((res) => {
  //Only Return Count Result
.catch((err) => {

//V2 API also based on Promise.
storev2.set(key, value)
.then((res) => {
.catch((err) => {


.Put(key, [opt])

Offical Doc: Put puts the given key into the key-value store. A put request increments the revision of the key-value store and generates one event in the event history.

Default option value

  lease: 0,
  prev_kv: false

.Range(key, value, [opt])

Offical Doc: Range gets the keys in the range from the key-value store.

Default option value

  range_end:  //like your key,,
  limit: 0,
  revision: 0,
  seriliazable: false,
  keys_only: false,
  count_only: false,
  raw: false //Personal Option, Default false means that will auto decrypt base64 key/value in return

.DeleteRange(key, [opt])

Offical Doc: DeleteRange deletes the given range from the key-value store. A delete request increments the revision of the key-value store and generates a delete event in the event history for every deleted key.

Default option value

  range_end: //like your key
  prev_kv: false

.Compact(revision, [opt])

Offical Doc: Compact compacts the event history in the etcd key-value store. The key-value store should be periodically compacted or the event history will continue to grow indefinitely.

Default option value

  physical: false

V2 Client API

V2 API will return ETCD raw response in Promise result coz I think that is the best way for everyone's need:)

.set(key, value, [opt])

Setting the value of a key.

Default option value

  ttl: (none),
  prevIndex: (none),
  prevExist: (none),
  prevValue: (none)


Get the value of a key.

.rm(key, [opt])

Deleting a key.

Default option value

  prevIndex: (none),
  prevValue: (none)

.update(key, value, ttl)

Update a key,same as .set() function when key already exists;

.create(key, value)

Creating In-Order Keys

.refresh(key, ttl)

Refresh a key's ttl.


Waiting Key changed.While key have changed,Promise will return result;

.mkdir(key, ttl)

Creating Directories.


Deleting a Directories.


Listing a Directories.

V2 Members API

peerUrls Could be a string or a array;


Get cluster members list.


Add member to cluster.


Deleting a member in cluster.

.updateMember(id, peerUrls)

Update a member's peerurl.

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