React specific linting rules for ESLint
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$ cnpm install eslint-plugin-react 
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React specific linting rules for ESLint


Install ESLint either locally or globally.

$ npm install eslint --save-dev

If you installed ESLint globally, you have to install React plugin globally too. Otherwise, install it locally.

$ npm install eslint-plugin-react --save-dev


Use our preset to get reasonable defaults:

  "extends": [

You should also specify settings that will be shared across all the plugin rules.

  "settings": {
    "react": {
      "createClass": "createReactClass", // Regex for Component Factory to use,
                                         // default to "createReactClass"
      "pragma": "React",  // Pragma to use, default to "React"
      "version": "15.0", // React version, default to the latest React stable release
      "flowVersion": "0.53" // Flow version
    "propWrapperFunctions": [ "forbidExtraProps" ] // The names of any functions used to wrap the
                                                   // propTypes object, e.g. `forbidExtraProps`.
                                                   // If this isn't set, any propTypes wrapped in
                                                   // a function will be skipped.

If you do not use a preset you will need to specify individual rules and add extra configuration.

Add "react" to the plugins section.

  "plugins": [

Enable JSX support.

With ESLint 2+

  "parserOptions": {
    "ecmaFeatures": {
      "jsx": true

Enable the rules that you would like to use.

  "rules": {
    "react/jsx-uses-react": "error",
    "react/jsx-uses-vars": "error",

List of supported rules

JSX-specific rules

Other useful plugins

Shareable configurations


This plugin exports a recommended configuration that enforces React good practices.

To enable this configuration use the extends property in your .eslintrc config file:

  "extends": ["eslint:recommended", "plugin:react/recommended"]

See ESLint documentation for more information about extending configuration files.

The rules enabled in this configuration are:


This plugin also exports an all configuration that includes every available rule. This pairs well with the eslint:all rule.

  "plugins": [
  "extends": ["eslint:all", "plugin:react/all"]

Note: These configurations will import eslint-plugin-react and enable JSX in parser options.


ESLint-plugin-React is licensed under the MIT License.

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