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$ cnpm install eslint-config-dbk 
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Shared ESLint config for de Bijenkorf front end projects

To use:

Create an .eslintrc file by running:

./node_modules/.bin/eslint --init

Extend this config in your .eslintrc

    "extends": "eslint-config-dbk"

An example can be found in the Responsive Assets repository.

Install required peer dependencies

Whenever updating eslint-config-airbnb to latest, check what peer dependencies match the latest version. npm info "eslint-config-airbnb@latest" peerDependencies

Setup staged commit hooks

Copy the following configuration to the root of your package.json:

"config": {
    "husky": {
        "hooksInConfig": true,
        "hooks": {
            "commit": "lint-staged",
            "cz": "lint-staged",
    "commitizen": {
        "path": "./node_modules/dbk-changelog",

Setup with Webpack

Any webpack configuration?

List of rules

eslint-dbk-config is using the following linting packages:

  • eslint:recommended
  • airbnb
  • eslint-plugin-react
  • eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y
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