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$ cnpm install esdoc-es7-plugin 
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ESDoc ES7 Plugin

This is an experimental plugin.

This plugin only ignores ES7 syntax(does not optimize) to produce the documentation. So, ES7 information(ClassProperties, AsyncFunctions and etc...) is not presented in the documentation.

Now, ignore the following syntax.

  • es7.comprehensions
  • es7.classProperties
  • es7.functionBind
  • es7.asyncFunctions
  • es7.decorators
  • es7.exportExtensions
  • es7.objectRestSpread
  • es7.trailingFunctionCommas
  • es7.exponentiationOperator


Install and Usage

npm install esdoc-es7-plugin

setup plugin property in esdoc.json

  "source": "./src",
  "destination": "./doc",
  "plugins": [
    {"name": "esdoc-es7-plugin"}

execute ESDoc

esdoc -c esdoc.json




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