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$ cnpm install es-module-dr-ui-toolkit 
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Digital Retailing UI Toolkit

Docs for the UI-Toolkit and the emulator can be found here:

Running the Emulator

  • npm run build-emulator
  • npm run serve
  • Browse this URL:

Naming Conventions

  • CSS class names should all be namespaced by using dr-ui- prefix to prevent clashes with host applications.


  • PRs require at least two reviewers' approval (at least one should be on the "Core Contributors" list below).
  • PRs should be merged by last reviewer. PR merging responsibility ultimately rests with submitter though (so don't blame someone else if your PR isn't merged!) Remember to remove the branch after merging the PR.
  • Refer to this document for additional information:
  • PRs will not be approved if they do not have sufficient unit tests included.
  • PRs for release should have commit message with proper semantic versioning format.

Core Contributors

NPM Publish Job


Jenkins Job uses standard-version, so no need to update version number on PRs

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