ECMAScript feature and API detection
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$ cnpm install es-feature-detection 
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ECMAScript feature and API detection in the browser.

It detects which syntax features and builtin components are supported in the current browser.


npm install es-feature-detection


Once the test is finished it returns an object with the features supported with subdivisions per ES version for convenience. A property __all is added to indicate whether all features are supported or not (also included in subdivisions).

import { syntax, builtins } from 'es-feature-detection';

const syntaxTest = syntax();

if(syntaxTest.__all) {
  // load your uncompiled script
} else {
  // Load your es5 script

const builtinsTest = builtins();

if(!builtinsTest.__all) {
  // load a polyfill for the missing functionality
  // eg. Map
  if(!builtinsTest.Map) {
    // Load your polyfill

Only test certain features

Sometimes you already know what you want to test for and as such don't need to test all ES XX features to see what your browser supports. In this case you can directly access the tests like so:

import es2015Builtins from 'es-feature-detection/builtins/es2015';
import es2015Syntax from 'es-feature-detection/syntax/es2015';

if(!es2015Builtins().__all) {
  // Load your polyfills

if(!es2015Syntax().__all) {
  // Load your es5 script

The same technique of cause goes for all ES versions.

For builtins you can have even more granularity, by selecting which segments you need:

import es2015Arrays from 'es-feature-detection/builtins/es2015/array';

if(!es2015Arrays().__all) {
  // Load your polyfills

Built-ins segments

A full list of the segments you can address directly:

  • es2015
    • array
    • mapSet (Map/Set)
    • math
    • misc (Base64 en-/decoding, Promise, Proxy, Reflect, requestAnimationFrame, Symbol,
    • number
    • object
    • string
    • typedarray
  • es2016
    • array.includes
  • es2017
    • misc (Atomics, SharedArrayBuffer)
    • object
    • string
  • localization
    • localization

The reason for this module

The idea behind this module is to facilitate the detection of what a given browser support of JS features. Does it support the ES6 syntax and what kind of polyfills would the browser need?

The norm is and have been for quite a while to just transpile your ES6 into ES5 and then just fill you script with the polyfills you need and you are good to go. This works pretty well and you don't have to worry about cross browser support of your code. But there are several drawbacks by doing so:

  1. You don't leverage the performance gain of the optimized ES6 syntax, as everything stays in ES5
  2. You bloat your script with polyfills you don't need
  3. You bloat your script with transpiler code, that you don't need as many modern browsers already support the new syntax. Yes IE (edge) as well.

Personally I needed a proper tool to detect features that was actually used in the script file, so I could decide what to load, so I build this.

Why not just use babel-env?

babel-env is really great tool and should definitely be the first choice. Sometimes, though, you might have some modules (mostly 3rd party) you don't want to run through the transpiler, but might use some built-in methods that are not necessarily supported by all browsers. In this case there are some polyfills that are not detected and added at compile-time. So having the builtins detection which can detect which polyfills you need to load can be a good backup.

The syntax is useful for when you want to have two separate builds: One for newer browsers that understand the new goodies. And one that use plain old ES 5.


Have any ideas, improvement request or bugs you have found, don't hesitate to file an issue in the issue list or throw me a PR if you have done some improvements you want to bring to the script.

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