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$ cnpm install eo-client 
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Client project eo-client

  • Implementation of the web client core component

npm npm


Both the CLI and generated project have dependencies that require Node 8.9.0 or higher, together with NPM 5 or higher.


Use eo-client-cli package to install your custom client project.


The documentation for the developers.

Client libraries

Part of this project are enaio library projects. Libraries are part of the enaio framework that can be used on their own to create custom client applications.

Those libraries are:

  • @eo-sdk/core

To build for example @eo-sdk/core library run npm run package:eosdk-core. This will create the distributable library inside the projects dist folder.

NOTICE: Because brummfugl is using those libraries you need to build them every time you change their sources.



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