Tools for React apps to work with Electron
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$ cnpm install electron-react-tools 
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This is an experimental version, it depends react-scripts and react-dev-utils for now, there might be dramatic updates or rewrite in future.

Electron React Tools

This kit aims to provide easy to use tools for React developers to work with Electron.


You can either install globally or locally.

Global Usage

Run electron-react-tools start in your app directry.

Local Usage

Install as a dev dependency

npm install --dev electron-react-tools


yarn add --dev electron-react-tools

and add "electron-start": "electron-react-tools start" line to scripts in package.json file. Then run

npm run electron-start


yarn electron-start


This version assumes your application's entry point is ./src/index.js and ./public/index.html

In further versions these will be configurable.

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